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Our Mission:




Our Mission: Help All Families Succeed with Breastfeeding

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Your support can help...

All families deserve a successful breastfeeding experience. Donate and support our Mission to educate, research and train those interested in successful breastfeeding.

What We Do

Educate parents on breastfeeding

Education for parents and families to better understand lactation, breastfeeding, and maternal and infant nutrition with us. We specialize in educating on these topics to help families make informed decisions.

Research presentation

We supervise, perform and sponsor laboratory, clinical, and epidemiologic research on all aspects of maternal and infant health, specifically lactation and breastfeeding.

Health care professional training session

We provide training to health care professionals and health organizations. We offer supervised clinical practice to students interested in the field of mother/baby health.

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Texas Foundation for Maternal, Infant, and Lactation Knowledge
9110 N LOOP 1604 W AVE 104
San Antonio, TX 78249